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Ray from Aprop

Ray is a bull terrier cross that was abandoned at just 12 months old and desperately craves human interaction day in day out. He is needing a loving home so badly and he is not coping very well in the shelter. He is 18 months of age and medium sized. He needs some training to teach him better manners (he gets so excited to see people that he has to jump!), but I am sure with one or two sessions this naughty puppy will be the best loyal house dog.

He is good with other dogs and loves a long walk. He needs a lot of exercise so would fit perfectly in an active household. As far as we can tell, he is not bothered about cats. Its all about love with Ray! You don’t just get a funny playful dog with Ray, you get an eternally loyal companion to be by your side through thick and thin. 

Want to meet/reserve Ray?

Ray waits for you at Aprop in Pego, SpainIf you would like to take him for a walk or find out more information (or even adopt him!) please contact either myself or Aprop. If you contact Aprop directly, please inform them if you found Ray through my page. 

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