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About Stephanie’s Rescue Mission

€ raised for shelters so far
Recently, I was disappointed about a comment I read on social media where someone had said “If you have children, best to get a dog from a breeder because rescue dogs are feral and unpredictable and impossible to train”. It saddens me to think that people have this perception of rescue dogs. Every dog my family and I have ever had has been rescued and (Winston in particular) is intelligent, loyal and obedient beyond words. Instead of replying to the comment and getting in some sort of debate over the internet, I’ve made it my mission to prove the contrary.
In my free time, I am visiting local shelters and working with a handful of dogs at a time, training them basic obedience and some fun tricks to show off their potential and eradicate the negative perception around rescue dogs. I hope to help find these amazing dogs their forever homes with loving families and raise awareness for the local shelters. On top of this I am also offering my 8 years experience with rescue dogs to new owners, to help ensure that the dogs are less likely to be returned to the shelter.
Please follow me on my journey to give rescue dogs a second chance at life, as I post updates about each dog as I work with them each week. I will also post basic dog training tips and hints to help you with your own rescue dog, to the best of my abilities. Please share my mission with your friends and family, to help me spread the word.

Here’s how you can help…

There are many ways in which you can join me on my mission. Rescue centres are always in need of donations and helping hands to care for the dogs. These donations will cover food, medication, shelter repairs/maintenance and so much more. Please donate directly to your chosen shelter and refer to Stephanie’s Rescue Mission in the comments of the payment if possible, so I can keep track of my progress. Alternatively you can let me know how much you donated by dropping me a message. You can visit any shelter and take out a dog for a walk or even just give some cuddles. Any interaction is fun and exciting for the dogs and fills their day with a little more love each time.
I also regularly (2-3 times a week) fill up KONG toys and deliver them to dogs that are in isolation. Each time I make between 9-12 KONGs which, as you can imagine, requires a lot of time and a lot of food! With this in mind, I am always grateful to receive dog treats and biscuits to use as KONG fillers. 

If you are unable to donate, you can still help by spreading the word about my mission! You can like/share/comment/follow any of my posts whether its on Facebook or YouTube. Keep swinging by my page for updates and information on local rescues and share the mission with your family and friends. 

Looking to adopt a dog?


Look no further. Even if you are situated abroad (UK, Germany, Holland etc) most of the dogs you see featured can be transported to other countries. You can find a lot of information including photos and videos of each dog on their profiles right here on my website, and enquiring is easy. Just contact myself or the shelter directly and we can help you with the adoption process.
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