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My Mission for Rescue Dogs

Using my many years experience with training and volunteering at rescue shelters in Spain and the UK, I have decided to donate my free time to help enrich the lives of shelter dogs, help them to find new homes and help them stay there.


I work closely with rescue centres to improve the quality of life for dogs waiting for adoption by training and giving them mental stimulation, helping to encourage volunteers and delivering KONGs to shelter dogs


Training rescue dogs in shelters and in their new homes not only helps to get them adopted, but also helps to ensure that the dogs stay in their new homes and don’t return to the shelter as a result of unwanted behaviour/habits


Posting photos and videos of the dogs that I work with at the rescue shelters gives them more coverage and shows the dogs as individuals, portraying their character which can help them get adopted!

Recent Videos

I post new videos of the dogs I work with every month, and regularly post updated KONG CAM videos! Please see them below, and simply click on the thumbnail to watch the video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see each video as it is posted! 


Here are the most recent stastics of acheivements from this rescue mission! To find out more about KONGs, please see my blog (post coming soon).

raised for rescue shelters

KONGs filled and delivered to rescue dogs

dogs adopted through SRM

About My Mission

Spain (and the UK) is overrun with rescue dogs that need to find loving homes for a chance at a better life. I am dedicated to using my 8 years experience with training dogs to help increase the adoption rate at as many shelters as possible. Using positive reinforcement training, clicker training and a lot of love, I aspire to rehabilitate rescue dogs and raise awareness/donations for the rescue centres that give these dogs a safe place when they need it most.


Connect with me and my mission for rescue dogs…

On my Youtube Channel (Stephanies Rescue Mission) you will find training tips, dogs needing homes, KONG cam videos, and so much more that can help you navigate the rescue dog life. 


What I Do

From shelter enrichment to training newly homed rescue dogs out of bad habits, here are some of the things that I do:


Do you have a rescue dog that displays some unwanted behaviour? Whether its jumping up at guests, pulling on a walk or chewing furniture, I can provide you with a training plan or visit your home to help train your dog. I use only positive reinforcement and make sure your dog enjoys every step of the training process – like a game! All this training is in return for a donation to the rescue shelter the dog originally came from, and a small fee to cover my travel costs.


Training a dog before it goes to a new home decreases the chance of the dog being returned to the shelter. Its not uncommon that a dog is sent back to the shelter because of some unwanted behaviour in the home. This can be stressful especially for new owners, so I do my very best to train the dog all basic commands in preparation for domestic life. 


A dogs stay in a shelter doesn’t have to be boring/stressful. I am able to visit rescue centres to train staff to be equipped with a few ways that they can make shelter life more pleasant for the dogs and themselves alike. Better behaved dogs means making the staff’s life easier and informed staff can help to boost the chance of a dog finding a new home!


I fill KONG puzzle toys 2-3 times a week with tasty food and biscuits, and deliver to dogs in isolation at my local shelter Apasa. These wonderful toys are made of durable rubber and shaped like a cone, so it is a challenge for the dogs to get out every last bite of tasty food. Not only are these are great treat for the dogs, but they also help to give them mental stimulation and distraction from the stress of shelter life.


She’s a wonderful, caring trainer! We are trying to train my rescue dog, Rocco, and she’s managed to get him to “sit” on command! That may sound simple, but 2 other trainers and I have been trying for 3 months. Thank you Stephanie x

Lesley – Rocco’s New Owner

Originally from Akira Dog Rescue

I would like to say a huge thankyou to Stephanie on behalf of myself and our precious residents at Akira Protectora.
She has dedicated her her time to help showcase our dogs in a unique way.
Not only that but she is very calm and kind with her training methods. I was astounded to see the improvement in one of our long term resident’s, in only an hour of Stephanie working with him.


AKIRA in Benissa, Spain

Stephanie captures the dog’s individual personalities in her videos and shows them in a way that is impossible to see in a photograph. She helps to train and enrich the lives of the dogs at Apasa in her free time and regularly encourages donations for the dogs!


APASA in Javea, Spain

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Contact Me

To arrange an appointment, enquire about a dog you have seen on my website or to simply know more about my mission and how you can help, please don’t hesitate to contact me below. If you are a representative from a dog shelter in Spain, please don’t hesitate to contact me to see what I can do for you.

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