Iris from Apasa


Iris has always been a dog that stands out for me, once you earn her trust you are rewarded by her little excited jumps and crazy waggy tail. When I first went in her kennel, she backed away from me and was a bit cautious. I still managed to have a cuddle with her, but she was a little unsure. That was about a year ago. Recently, after lots of treats and building trust with Iris, I went back into her kennel, and she put both paws on either of my shoulders and smothered me with kisses! She then rolled on her back with a waggy tail and got me to stroke her belly. She is a great dog, a TOP dog waiting to discover life outside of the kennel.

She looks at you like she has something to say, and I am sure if she could talk she would have many stories to tell. She could tell us how she ended up here in the first place. She is about 6-7 years of age and she lived on the streets for most of her life, only ever knowing Apasa since she was rescued. The workers at Apasa rescued all her puppies one by one off of the streets, then looked up at her and asked ‘what will you do now? Will you come with us and your puppies?’ She slowly walked up to the workers and plonked on the floor with her belly in the air and her tail doing little wags, as if to say, ‘I don’t know who you are or where you’re going, but I am ready to come with you.’

She is a little bit nervous around children, which is most likely due to her inexperience around people, as she can be timid at first, but a little darling when you have got to know her. She is a real must see dog if you are in the area. 

In my opinion she has been in the kennel for too long and needs to find her forever home now. She has all the potential to be the perfect home dog to snuggle with in the evenings and take for nice walks. She will love you to the end and is a real catch for the right person.

She is such a dream, a real luxurious dog. Her coat is amazingly soft, like a husky. She deserves someone’s time and love, so she can give them all of hers right back. They are out there somewhere! 

Want to meet/reserve Iris?

Iris is currently waiting at Apasa in Javea, Spain for her new home. If you would like to take her for a walk or find out more information (or even adopt her!) please contact either myself or Apasa. If you contact Apasa directly, please inform them if you found Iris through my page. 

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