Rossini from Apasa

Rossini is the most interactive dog at the shelter, as he is so clever that he has worked out there is a little hole at the bottom of the fence, the perfect size to fit his tennis ball through so that you can throw it back to him. He is a bulldog/staffie type of mix who has a lot of energy and would suit someone with a fairly active lifestyle. He is very intelligent but easy to please. 
He has been in Apasa for too long, longing for a life outside of the fence. He doesn’t deserve this life behind bars, there is too much for him to experience and explore in the world! When will someone rescue him and show him the wonders of endless fields for him to chase his ball? 

Want to meet/reserve Rossini?

Rossini is currently waiting at Apasa in Javea, Spain for his new home. If you would like to take him for a walk or find out more information (or even adopt him!) please contact either myself or Apasa. If you contact Apasa directly, please inform them if you found Rossini through my page. He is a must-see if you visit Apasa – just throw his ball as you pass by his pen. He will be very grateful. 

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