The Quarry Puppies

These puppies were rescued slowly, almost one by one, from Teulada quarry, and are now ready for adoption. Along with the lovely staff at Akira, I am working with them to accustom them to things like leads, collars, petting,… normal dog things. They are getting used to people now and showing their individual personalities! Everyone knows this litter as ‘The Quarry Puppies’ but now its time to show them individually in their own light as they are all so different. They are all really nice temperaments and very playful (the usual puppy mischief). In the coming weeks I will work with them individually and post their progress!

Here is a little bit of what I learnt about each of these puppies from my experience during our first session together:

Bruce was naturally my top student. He was always first in line to get a treat and he gave me so much eye contact – he let me fully stroke him and loved giving me kissies. He is the most affectionate of the litter and the most confident. He is more than ready to go to a great home where he can learn all the tricks in the book and become a great companion!


Buffy (the brown podenco pup) is from a different litter – she is provisionally booked to go to a foster home in the UK. She is confident and very curious! Very carefree and loves to investigate.

Alba is the light coloured pup – she is the joker of the bunch. She will play with the other dogs all day long without a care in the world. She is the centre of attention with the other pups but not very confident around humans yet. She happily let me stroke her chin and gave me loads of kisses though – but only when her brothers and sisters were around. I hope to work with her a lot more one on one in the coming weeks to learn more about her.

Mancha looks similar to Alba but has a distinctive black dot on her leg. She is a bit more confident around people than Alba, and loved to have some treats. Very suspicious of people but I am sure she will trust us very soon as puppies learn very fast!

Bert looks like Bruce but different personalities! I could tell that he is so wanting to learn and get out of his comfort zone, but is just a little bit hesitant at the moment. He loves to run around playing and being teased by the joker Alba, and I cant wait to get closer to him next time.

Ely is sort of like the black sheep of the litter. She is mostly a gingery brown with a white stripe on her nose which makes her look different from the others. She is a beautiful girl. Insecure, but not as much as Alba/Mancha/Bert. She is inquisitive and will step up close to me as you can see in the video, and I think she will blossom when she is away from the litter. She takes treats nicely from my hand and really wanted to get involved when Bruce was getting treats and fuss! ❤

If you are interested in giving any of them a home or even fostering them, please get in touch with either myself or Akira direct! Thank you for reading and please share with your friends ❤

Want to meet/reserve any of the puppies?

They are currently waiting at Akira Dog Sanctuary in Benissa, Spain. If you would like to visit the puppies or find out more information (or even adopt one!) please contact either myself or Akira. If you contact Akira directly, please inform them if you found the puppies through my page. 

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